That depends on the season. In winter we recommend to wear warm clothes. Base layer, warm jacket, pants (or winter tights), gloves and beanie is a good combination. You`ll be alright with regular running shoes. 
We will run in any kind of weather. However, if the weather is really cold (-20), we will happily reschedule your tour.
Our guides wear yellow vests with Rovaniemi Running Tours logo on it.
We hope that you book your run 24 hours before the depart.
It`s completely up to you! Our guide will run at your pace. 
That´s up to you. Usually we stop few times during the tour but if you would prefer to run the entire time or stop more often, just let your guide know.
If you want to walk through our tours, please let us know when you are booking the tour.
Yes! Just let the guide know when you’d like to stop for taking photos.
If you wish to have something to drink along the way, you are responsible for bringing and carrying your own drink.
Please call on our mobile phone number: +358 45 2011 127. 
Yes. Our guides are equipped with backbag so you can leave your valuables to him/her.
No. There are no toilets along the route.
Yes. You have to be 18 years old to take part on tours.
Jog strollers are allowed on City tour and Local run. Winter trail run and Ice run are too extreme for strollers. Keep in mind that snowy conditions might slow you down. 
Yes! We love dogs but remember to keep your dog on a leash all the time during the tour.